Phulkari : A famous handicraft of Punjab

Phulkari - A famous handicraft of Punjab

In Punjab, it was popularly believed that the birth of a girl child in the family was auspicious. The mother and grandmothers would start embroidering Phulkari dupattas upon her birth because they believed that she would be the creator for future generations. Originally Phulkari was made with real flowers.

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Types of Phulkari

Bagh – The Garden

Phulkari - Bagh

The phulkari that is covered all over with the embroidery is known as bagh and it came into existence in the second half of the 19th century when people became passionate about phulkari work. To make such a piece, one needs lots of patience, as it may take even a year to complete the entire task. Traditionally, the bagh was kept only for special occasions.


Vari-da-bagh was given as a gift to the bride by her in-laws upon entering her new home. It was always made on orange-reddish khaddar and, for embroidery, only a single golden- or orange-colored pat was used all over the khaddar except for borders.

Bawan Bagh (Bawan Phulkari)

In Punjabi, bawan means 52. This means that 52 different patterns were made to complete this phulkari. It was actually a display of samples used by professional embroiderers. So you will rarely find this phulkari.

Panchranga Bagh

Panchranga means five colors. This bagh used to be embroidered with five different colors. On the same pattern, ‘satranga bagh’ was also created that consists of seven colors.

Modern Day Phulkari

Handmade phulkari has almost disappeared in Punjab and so only industrially-made phulkaris can be seen in the market. Not only phulkari but you can now buy a phulkari suit, phulkari bedsheets, phulkari cushions and so on.

Modern Dresses made by Phulkari

Phulkari Short Jackets
Phulkari Short Jackets Phulkari Suits
Phulkari Suits Phulkari With Jeans
Phulkari With Jeans

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